People’s Class Actions

If you have been affected by the mandates, lockdowns, mask wearing, testing or any Covid related rule, you now have a way to have your voice heard. Fighting these measures individually can be difficult, but when we come together, we are powerful.

The people of Australia are uniting and forming the People’s Class Action! It is currently commencing! Join your fellow Australians to reclaim your rights, your voice and your freedoms. This may be our last chance to take a stand.

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Who is it for?

The People’s Class Action is for everybody. Why? It is for anyone who has been affected, or harmed, in any way, by any of the Covid related rules (lockdowns, mandates, masks, etc). Given that we have all been affected, this class action is for everybody.

That is why we have called it the People’s Class Action. The strength & effectiveness of our actions will come in numbers.

This includes uniting people in Industry Groups, for a ‘Class-Action’ to fight against the unlawful and unconstitutional ‘HPR National Law’, which does not exist at the Parliament, Canberra. This process is to stand-against the Unlawful-Dismissals across Australia, by Industry Groups. Many teachers, doctors, healthcare workers, business owners and farmers have joined the People’s Class Actions.

However, anyone who has been affected by the illegal covid rules can join. For example, you may be a student who was not permitted to attend university because of the mandates.  You may have been denied access to hospital or healthcare. You may have been denied entrance to a store, forced to wear a mask, or QR code when you did not want to. You may have been prevented from visiting family due to lockdown. You may be a small business owner who felt forced to comply with the mandates.

We encourage everybody to reach out to their family and friends, spread the word, and help this grow. The greater the numbers, the more powerful the action.

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The People’s Class Action is starting. We will be holding an information session on Monday 25th April.

On Friday 29th of April we will hold a closed meeting for Class Action Members to take you through the process.

You must be informed and ready to act by April 30th. The first letter will be sent out on May 1st.

We have the numbers to proceed. We cannot wait any longer. The world is changing rapidly.

The time is now. We hope you decide to join, us ‘The People of this Great Land’, and not miss out.

When we come together as a collective, as a community, we are powerful. Let’s reclaim our power – now, before it is too late.

Your contribution goes towards the coordination of the people in an action, writing the letters & affidavits, administration

and communications to the group, providing support for the members, and much more.

Once the Class-Action begins, the community and members are united by online meetings on a regular basis.

Our class action is a collective action, with the aim of reaching Grand Jury. More details of this will be explained in the online meetings.

When you join, you will be provided with a step-by-step process to follow, as well as all relevant documents.

The process is to stand-against the Unlawful-Dismissals, as well as all unlawful covid related rules that have affected people’s lives.

We are Human Rights Advocates, not lawyers. (Legally speaking, there can be no ‘Lawyers’ without a Queen!) This has two main benefits.

Firstly, we are not ham-strung by the rules and regulations that lawyers are limited by.

They are bound to the court-house, on a 12 month certificate with the legal services boards and cannot touch Human Rights or your Constitution.

For example, lawyers cannot mention the illegal & unlawful removal of the Queen, be deceit and stealth, by our State & Federal Administrations.

The second benefit of this is that we are able to make this an affordable action for people, because we do not need to contract Legal Practitioners.

Also, we are the only Group using the Daniel Andrews ‘Criminal Charges Pending’ in the courts (which apply in all states of Australia). We can fight, where Lawyers cannot enter.

Furthermore, we will educate and empower you about your Human-Rights. When you join, we will gift you our – ‘Know Your Basic Facts’ Workshop, which will help you to understand how all of this has come about and what you can do differently, in your every-day life.

This is more urgent than ever. We are losing our Human Rights every day, whilst the powers that be, attempt to distract us with other issues.

Do you want a future for you and your family? For some people this Class Action may be about being reinstated or compensated.

For others it may be about the freedom to run their business, the right to breath fresh air, removing corruption, or reclaiming their voice.

For all of us, it is about getting our Human-Rights and freedoms back and reclaiming our future.

We are no longer a Sovereign Country, we are a Corporate-State and a satellite, under the World Health Organisation (WHO), an Agency of the United Nations.

 Do you choose your family’s freedom or the ‘New World Order’? We are at the final hour.

Click on the “Join Now” button and follow the prompts.

There is a one-off fee of $200 to join the EFP People’s Class Action.

That is it! No expensive legal fees or ongoing costs.

This fee covers everybody in your household (eg a couple or parents and their children).

We have kept the fee as low as possible to allow as many people as possible to join.

The Class Action is starting! Join now if you don’t want to miss out.

Once you join, we will send you everything you need, including the documents and the step by step process.

We will also take you through these steps in the online meetings. The meetings will also be recorded.

Let’s join together as a collective, and reclaim our Human Rights, NOW!


Where are we now?

We are losing our human rights, property rights and our constitution. Our politicians have surrendered Australia to accept the World Health Organisation – Constitution. We have lost our country!

What happened to our Human Rights, Property Rights and our Commonwealth Constitution?

We are losing more rights every week. We are no longer a Sovereign Country, we are a satellite, a Franchise, under the World Health Organisation, an Agency of the United Nations. Welcome to the New World Order!

What is AHPRA and Why should we be concerned?

Ahpra is a Foreign controlled corporation, working as the World Health Organisation, in 51 Collaborative Centers, across Australia. We have been taken over, from within Australia.

What s the concern for the substitution of the Commonwealth Constitution for the WHO Constitution?

We no longer need a Federal Parliament, as all power and control has been transferred to the WHO and the UN – by Stealth!

What are the Criminal Charges Pending against Daniel Andrews & What does it mean?

We are sending our members a copy of the Criminal Charges Pending against Daniel Andrews, and we are already using this document in 4 States across Australia. This is an incredibly powerful document. It is working, and we want more people to be using this explosive document. We will teach you how!

What are the steps of the Class Action?

Firstly, we will have the letters that will be sent to State and Federal Politicians. Secondly, the corporations will be following. Thirdly, Submission of the Criminal Charges Pending against Premier Dan Andrews, which engages each and every State Premier and Chief Minister, in Australia. These letters will include the ‘ATO Approved – Fee-Schedule’ and the Nuremberg Code in Australia where relevant. The aim of the process is to go to grand jury, where we can receive justice by the people, for the people.

How can we Succeed?

We will succeed if we unite. ‘United we Stand, Divided we Fall’. As a collective we have power. Our aim is to go to Grand Jury, where the people provide the justice.

Click here for the details of the People’s Class action

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Pay by Bank transfer, the details are:

Account name: EFP CBA Account: BSB: 063 159, ACCT: 1070 7095 and write your name and “EFP Class Action” in the description eg John Smith, Class Action. Please email a copy of your receipt to

We look forward to joining with you and together reclaiming our Human Rights!

Quick answers to common questions

Where can I find the Covid letters to send to my employer?

We have placed all letters and templates here for you to use. Just choose the letter you are and click the ‘Check it out here’ button to download the letter.

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Where can I find the upcoming zoom links?

Here is the link to our Monday evening zooms. Please share and help us get the message out to as many Australia’s possible.

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