Educate for Protection

Our aim is to educate and empower every living Man and Woman and to teach them how to protect themselves and their families while learning about their Sovereign Human Rights on this Earth!

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About Educate for Protection

Our Mission

“For this claim” – Prepositional Phrase

This project is about educating for our protection and our Human Rights, Constitutional Rights and our Lawful Rights.

This is a collaboration of the work from many people, over many years and time spent in Australian, corporate courts.

The aim is the sharing of the knowledge that has been withheld from the sovereign Australian people, by the corporations that have usurped and replaced the Commonwealth of Australia, the de Jure Parliament of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth of Australia (Inc) is a trading corporation, registered at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (US SEC) at corporate United States, Washington D.C., currently under US Military occupation since the first week of  January, 2021.

This project promoted the proof and the Fact that the Australian Electors have been deceived that the Commonwealth of Australia continues as an ‘insolvent’ trading business, under a corporate structure, registered under the United States Corporation, currently under Military occupation and Administration under foreign influence, where upon a current United States Supreme Court Case is ‘pending’, for the Insolvency of the United States Corporation.